Reputation Management

"My Dental Reputation" is the SOLUTION

Here's how it works:

My Dental Reputation is a service that InfoStar developed which effectively identifies and helps address negative reviews and also makes it extremely easy to generate positive reviews across popular review outlets.

Your Reputation Is On‑the‑Line

As a dentist, you likely recognize the importance of building a positive footprint both in your community and on the Internet. As a professional, you do your best to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible to provide patients with not only stellar services, but also a genuinely pleasant experience at your office.

In addition, the online world is so vast that something as simply as a wrong phone number or address in an online directory could turn a potential new patient towards another dentist in the area. It is extremely important that your online reputation put your practice in a positive light and provide anyone looking for a new dentist with correct and consistent information.

Online Reviews

The Problem with Online Reviews

Patients that have a pleasant experience in your office will generally not share their pleasant experience through a positive online review. Unfortunately, good service is taken for granted. On the other hand, if a patient has a less-than-positive office visit, it is common for he or she to go out of their way to share the bad experience across the Internet.

The Internet is an international entity with underdeveloped regulatory laws and the result is that anyone for any reason can leave a positive or negative review without consequence to the person leaving the review. In the meantime, if negative reviews are left, your business suffers unless you have a very simple method that can address negative reviews and more importantly, generate new, positive reviews.

My Dental Reputation FEATURES


New Review Alerts

A one-of-a-kind automated alert system watches for new reviews and sends quick notification to an in-house specialist who will analyze the review.


Identify & Address Negative Reviews

If a negative review is left by a patient, we will direct a necessary course of action and immediately contact you. Oftentimes we are able to increase the star-rating of the review or have the review removed.


Generate New Positive Reviews

We provide an easy-to-use, intelligent and non-invasive review request tool that generates positive reviews across the gamut of review outlets.


Promote Your Positive Reputation

Positive reviews are also shared to your website and across your social media accounts to maximize exposure.

Let InfoStar's My Dental Reputation Work For You

A consistent flow of new patient reviews labels your practice as a preferred choice from others and will help validate a potential patient's decision with selecting your practice.

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Online Directory Management & Synchronization

The Importance of Correct, Consistent Practice Info

Online directories such as Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo Maps, Yellow Pages, etc. are among leading sources patients will use and see when searching for a new dentist so it is essential that your contact information within these directories is correct and consistent. Unfortunately, there are times when directories are fed incorrect information that then spreads throughout the Internet leaving you with inconsistent and incorrect information.

This is a very dangerous situation when it comes to how often this information is accessed as potential new patients do their research. Incorrect information will lead to missed opportunities and consistency ensures that major directories give potential new patients the correct information and share this correct info with smaller directories.

InfoStar's "Online Profile Manager" Corrects & Maintains Your Info

Our Online Profile Manager ensures your practice information is correct and synchronized with large online directories thus ensuring potential new patients who are searching the Internet for a new dentist have quick and true information to your front desk. Smaller directories regularly scan and update their information based upon the more popular directories like Google Maps thus extending the reach of your online information.

Each month, the Online Profile Manager checks for inconsistencies with directories and fixes any anomalies that present themselves for any reason. It is not uncommon for directory data to change via patient input, data scrubbed from various sources, etc. so the active synchronization of correct data is essential to ensure your directory information stays correct and synchronized throughout.

Further Branding of Your Practice

Beyond correcting online directory data, InfoStar takes your online directory presence to the next level by branding your online directories (where available) with your logo, office interior photos, staff photos, etc. so that you stand out even more next to less impressive listings that offer less information.

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