InfoStar’s SideKick MP Dental Patient Education App

Improve your case acceptance with the most feature-rich education app in dentistry.

The SideKick MP patient education software for dentistry is actually two apps in one. It has educational videos like its competitors; however, unlike ANY competitor, the SideKick places the power of patient education directly into the hands of the doctor.

The doctor is the best educator in a practice. The problem is that patients don't understand "dental talk" and often require visual support to the doctor's explanation.

The SideKick MP provides an instant visual support so patients better understand and accept the recommended treatment.

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Customizable By Each User

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  • 1 User-specific Customization
    connects each user to their own:
    Menus, Procedure images, Line-up card, Text/informed consent, and Custom movie playlists.

  • 2 Design Mode allows users to completely customize the program to their practice.

  • 3 Menus (main/sub) Menu items can be added, removed, rearranged, and defaulted.

  • 4 Add Your Own Images and remove the ones you don't utilize.

  • 5 Audio Listen to the procedure explanation.

  • 6 Print the procedure or consent in multiple languages.

  • 7 Email procedure explanations to a patient's e-mail to share with loved ones or financial decision makers.

  • 8 Draw on procedures to help emphasize necessary treatment and problem areas.

  • 9 Text/Consent
    - Edit procedure text and informed consent
    - Translate into multiple languages

  • 10 Playlists allow users to create custom playlists / loop of SideKick movies.

  • 11 Audio Language defaults the audio and text language for the program.

  • 12 Line-up Card pre-set favorite procedure sequences for instant access and efficiency.

SideKick MP Benefits:

  • More features than all of its competitors combined
  • Extremely fast and easy to use
  • Doesn't require any additional hardware
  • Loads onto your existing server or individual computer
  • Site license to be used on all computers within a single location
  • Compatible with MS Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS via the cloud
  • NO additional licensing fees!


Start using the most effective patient education tool in dentistry.

A one-time $3,000 account set up and license fee.

An annual General Maintenance Agreement (GMA) is required for:

  • Cloud access to SideKick MP
  • The ability to create procedures specific to your practice
  • Dental procedure content updates (text, animation and video)
  • New program feature updates

NOTE: GMA is included at no additional charge during the first full year after purchase. Thereafter, the required annual GMA is just $350 / year.

*Credit card required on file.
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