general FAQ: contracts
Do I Have To Sign A Term Contract For A New Website?

We are a firm believer that a company should have to earn your business. We live in an age where far too many people can be taken advantage of especially when it comes to the Internet. We aim to earn your business by providing the results you are after.

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Does The SideKick Require A Term Contract?

The SideKick Cloud is offered on a per-user monthly fee basis that requires a 1 year agreement.

This 1 year term guarantees you any and all updates including:

  • Updated and/or new animations / movies
  • New features
  • New procedures

InfoStar does have a network version of the SideKick that does NOT require any term agreement however it must be purchased outright. At that point, you are able to use the software in your practice as long as you wish. Updates are available via annual maintenance agreement and will come in the form of a new disc to install.

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