sidekick FAQ: cloud
What Does The Term "cloud" Mean?

We're sure you've been hearing more and more about the "cloud" these days - but what does it mean?

The term "cloud" is only a high-tech way of saying something works online. A cloud program does not reside on your computer, tablet, etc. directly. The program instead, resides on a computer that you can access via the Internet.

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Why Is The SideKick Cloud Better Than The Networked Version?

For starters, there's literally no installation process. This goes for the initial program or updates. To open the program, you simply open up a browser and go to That's it!

Next, the SideKick Cloud becomes immediately synced between computer and tablets no matter where you are. If you modify your program in any way from a tablet, then open it on a front office computer that modification will appear there as well.

Updates are automatic and again, there's no installation. Just open the program and start using a new feature, or view a new 3D animation.

Development for the SideKick Cloud happens much faster than it does for the network version. This means you're guaranteed you receive new features, new procedures, etc. as soon as they happen whereas the network version requires some catching-up before we can finally render a disc and mail it out.

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Can I Try The SideKick Cloud Before Buying?


You can try the SideKick Cloud free for 30 days with 0 obligation. You won't even have to speak with a SideKick representative.

If you would like to try the SideKick Cloud right now, simply click SideKick Cloud FREE Trial

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