web services FAQ: hosting
What's Included With Hosting My Website With InfoStar?

Think of hosting as renting storage and resources to run your website. The files created for a custom website must be hosted somewhere online. When your website is viewed, it then uses computer resources such as RAM (memory) and processing power.

To make sure your website performs optimally, InfoStar uses a dedicated server to host your website. This means InfoStar and ONLY InfoStar is in control AND that all resources are dedicated to our websites. Other hosting companies with very cheap hosting fees will share your website with websites of all natures.

Unlike other dental website design companies, InfoStar includes our own text, images, animations and case illustrations for procedure explanations as part of your monthly hosting fees. This virtually eliminates the amount of hours required for you to find yourself like you would with some other companies.

Paired with a domain and as part of your monthly hosting, you also have the ability to have UNLIMITED email addresses created with your domain name. These emails are accessible online, via computer program, or through a tablet and/or smartphone device.

Backing up your custom dental website files and database are also an essential part of any hosting plan. We regularly backup the files used to create your custom dental website as well as any database files needed to keep things like reviews, services, etc. handy. We then regularly back up this information (yes, a backup of a backup) off-site to a separate location.
Additionally the facility where the physical server lives has backup generators that feed power to the entire building in the case of a power-outage. We make up-time a priority here.

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Can I Host My Website Somewhere Else?

However, InfoStar releases any liability should the website not perform correctly at the expense of another hosting company. All of our customer dental websites are created with the latest coding languages in which are installed and used on our web servers.

Additionally, you lose the rights to use any InfoStar-provided content such as text, images, animations and case illustrations.

Maintenance also comes at a cost should something happen to the website that need repaired because of the hosting companies lack of support for your website. InfoStar's General Maintenance Agreement (GMA) is also not applicable to websites not hosting with us.

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