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Dental Practice Reception Area DVD Presentation

Showcase your practice in the reception area and in the operatories with a custom presentation. Presentations are available on DVD or CD. Presentations play continuously, silent and unattended in the reception area, networked to rooms, or will play as a computers screen saver. An InfoStar custom presentation establishes a higher comfort level with patients. It's the professional, non-intrusive way to introduce the doctor, his/her biography, the dental team, high-tech equipment benefits, special procedures, financial policies, case illustrations and more. This custom presentation helps a patient understand more about today's dentistry and that there is a difference between dental practices. All presentations can easily be changed or updated as needed. Learn More Learn More...

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Multi-Platform Dental Patient Education

The dental SideKick MP is the most user friendly chair-side patient education program in dentistry. All of its competitors have movies which are generally played before the doctor enters the room. Doctors have asked for a program to allow them to show a procedure explanation without having to play a movie.
The Dental SideKick comes with a single office site license. It doesn't require any additional hardware. It loads onto your existing server so everyone in the office can use it or it loads onto individual computers. There are no additional fees. Use it in as many operatories as you please. Learn More Learn More...

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The new release of the dental SideKick MP is loaded with more useful features than all other patient education programs combine. Some of the great features that make the SideKick MP unique are features like: Email any procedure, Print any procedure, Smile Imaging, a Design mode to allow you to modify how a procedure looks, or bring in your own content to a procedure, Add your OWN procedure, Create movie play sequences, Patient line-up & tracking, and more than we can simply list here! Learn More Learn More...

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Dental Practice Website Solutions

Patients expect their dentist to have a dental practice website. Your dental website is the first impression of your practice. It is your 7 days a week, 24 hours a day dental practice brochure that establishes a connection between you and potential dental patients. Patients would rather view your dental website than telephone the office. When your website creates familiarity and comfort for your potential dental patient they are more likely to pick up the telephone to schedule an appointment. InfoStar can provide a dental website design that will rise to the top of search engines and create a favorable impression for your existing and potential dental patients.
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InfoStar SEO Services

SEO Services for Dental Websites

Search Engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role when it comes to converting web site visitors into new patients. Just because you have a web site does not mean it will be found through popular search terms. When the correct SEO techniques are integrated, monitored and continually updated, a web site can result in more potential new patients contacting your office.
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InfoStar Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for the Dental Practice

Social media marketing is a very popular way to attract new patients. Social media marketing can reach patients who may already have a dentist or attract a patient who was not even looking for a dentist. Social media enhances your branding as it increases more touches to your web site. A well run Internet marketing program will accomplish two things; 1) add value to your web site in its quest to have it ranked onto page 1 in a search, and 2) produces new patients who were not even looking for a dentist. There is an art to integrating everything together. It requires an experienced professional to implement, monitor and edit your Internet marketing program.
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