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Dentists — 12x Your Patient Acquisition Budget.

InfoStar's 12x strategy can help dentists acquire more patients. Pay for one ad and get 12. We integrate Meta/Facebook's Instant Form with email marketing automation, making it easy for potential patients to embark on a year-long marketing campaign with just one click. This approach ensures your pool of potential patients grows monthly, leading to progressively higher conversions.

Lower-Cost Leads Are Here

Find New Dental Patients for Less

Instant forms now offer up to an 85% chance of generating more cost-effective leads for your dental practice. Getting new patients for your practice using lead ads with instant forms has never been more cost-effective.1 You can lower costs per lead up to 26% with lead forms.2

Get higher-quality leads

Features in Meta Ads Manager, like conditional logic, can help find higher-quality leads and filter out unlikely customers.

Reduce form submission drop-offs

Lead ads do most of the work filling out contact forms, so people are more likely to complete them.

Recognizing the need to grow your practice.

If you've landed on this page, chances are you're aware of the importance of expanding your dental practice. Even if you're providing top-notch customer service and exceptional care, it's not uncommon to lose patients over time due to various reasons such as more flexible service hours, insurance or direct service price competition, or relocation. As a result, every dental practice needs a consistent stream of new patients to sustain its current position, let alone achieve growth.

One of the most effective ways to market your practice is through PPC and social media advertising. These methods can be highly effective in drawing the attention of potential patients and encouraging them to visit your website or schedule an appointment. By leveraging these digital marketing strategies, you can expand your reach and attract new patients to your practice.

There are often some common hurdles that dental practices face while employing social media advertising to draw new patients. However, let's discuss how the 12x system effectively overcomes these obstacles.

1 (Meta/Facebook Study)
2 (Meta/Facebook study. Based on a propensity score matching analysis of ~700,000 lead ads run between January 18, 2023 - March 15, 2023 for Small Business ProServe advertisers in North America.)

See 12x Your Ad Budget in action.

Competition, ad fatigue, lack of engagement, and content quality are all conversion issues online ads face.
Competition: The dental industry is competitive, and there may be many other practices in your area vying for the same audience. Standing out from the competition can be challenging.
12x uses bespoke animated ads

Animated ads can be a powerful tool for dental practices to overcome competition in the competitive dental industry. By incorporating engaging animations, these ads can capture the audience's attention more effectively than static ads, helping the practice stand out from competitors.

Animated ads allow creativity and storytelling, allowing the practice to highlight its unique value proposition and differentiate itself from others. Moreover, animated ads can convey complex information engagingly, making them more memorable and persuasive to potential patients. Overall, animated ads can help dental practices break through the clutter and create a lasting impression on their target audience, ultimately driving more patient inquiries and appointments.

We can address all of your needs with the use of animated ads that are accompanied by music and a dynamic voiceover. In a market where most ads use still images, our animations stand out and the carefully chosen music we use resonates at an emotional level. Of course the quality of all components are top-notch to ensure optimal performance.

Targeting the right audience: Identifying and targeting the right audience for your ads is crucial. If your ads are not reaching the right people, they may not be effective in attracting new patients.


Budget constraints: Social media advertising can be costly, especially if you want to reach a large audience or run ads frequently. Limited budgets can restrict the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.


Ad fatigue: Overexposure to your ads can lead to ad fatigue, where your audience becomes less responsive to your ads over time. This can reduce the effectiveness of your campaigns.