Quantifiable ROI Tracking

Reports With Metrics
That Matter

While others are busy reporting on website hits and estimating business from phone calls, InfoStar tracking paints a complete picture starting with where a visitor came from (ad, organic search, etc.) all the way through to the phone call or form submission off the website.

Our services successfully generate engagement from high quality web traffic, and we offer fully transparent reporting.

Deep integration with Google, Facebook & more!

We integrate with multiple analytic sources including Google analytics to deliver detailed information but present it to you in an easy-to-read manner. We spell out the important conversion results first, and work backwards from there. You shouldn’t be left digging and wondering how things are doing.

Thinking about making a change?

Call Tracking

Unlike most, our call tracking goes beyond recording phone calls and giving you a total number of calls each month. Our call tracking weeds out unimportant calls such as solicitation or wrong numbers / hang-ups and can be trained to identify the meaty calls that turned into leads.

Form Tracking

Rather it’s a contact form or a crazy custom web form, we not only track each form submission, but we also organize submissions into a single area for retention and access should you accidentally delete it from your email or computer.

Advertising Tracking

We pull in real-time analytics from most ad sources and can also provide you with the same reporting access that we have so you never miss anything when it comes to your online advertising. We make sure our ads are getting clicks and the strongest ads continue while the weaker ones retire.

Review Tracking

We integrate with major review outlets to track when a new review, good or bad, is left for your business and alerts us so we can engage with it appropriately and quickly.

Website Experience Tracking

A website is a detailed glimpse into your brand and business. With it, endless ways a visitor can engage with it. Our tracking simplifies what visitors deem important and what makes them engage with a call-to-action. This data helps us fine-tune the site in a way that helps speed up the time to convert a visitor by giving them more of what they’re looking for, and less of what they’re not.

Reporting Isn’t
Just for You...

Comprehensive reporting is just as important to us as it is to you. Sure, it helps to show that you’re getting your money’s worth out of our services, but we use the same statistics to understand how your visitors interact with our services and we actively adapt our strategies around this information to keep you competitive and efficient with your spending.


While we track phone call or web form leads, we also track the entire funnel up to that point. We will know what ad (as example) a lead came from as well as the path the visitor took while navigating your website before converting.

We use this information to make changes that help shorten the time it takes for a visitor to convert into a lead thus helping us optimize your services and helping you grow your business.