Fillable Forms

Enable Your Forms to
Submit From Your Site

InfoStar can take your existing forms and build fillable versions that can be submitted right from your website. These forms are secure and mobile friendly, too!

Our conversion process is done by an actual designer and developer instead of some janky automated system that only kind of sort of works… This means your digital fillable forms look just like your existing ones and work without any issues.

The benefits of having InfoStar convert your existing forms into secure fillable forms for your website are:

They’re The Forms You’re Already Used To

Unlike other form systems that bind you to their template system, we stay true to the same forms you’re already used to so there’s nothing to re-learn.

Fillable Forms Are Secure

Our fillable web forms use multiple levels of security, and we never transmit information via email other than to alert you a form has been submitted. Information is highly encrypted and kept behind a username and password. Additionally, opting for digital forms removes the risk from forms stored out in the open and susceptible to physical theft.

Fillable Forms Save Time & Money

The ability to have paperwork submitted ahead of time is enough to convert your forms. However, the benefits of not having to decrypt “chicken scratch” handwriting and manually transferring information from a paper form into your system will also save you a lot of time and keep your sanity.

No More Incomplete Forms

Your fillable form can require certain fields to be required in order to submit. That means you always receive a complete form and don’t have to chase down important information after the fact.

Changes Are Easy

Making changes to a digital fillable form is as easy as contacting us with your change and seeing it be made on the same day. This allows your form to work for you beyond just collecting information. It’s time to think: “What else can my forms do for me?”

They’re GREEN

Fillable forms that submit from your website don’t use paper unless you absolutely need them printed. In addition to saving the trees, they’ll save you money from having to print new forms. Win-win!

Pair fillable forms
with a QR code

Our digital fillable forms are mobile friendly!

That means you can point people to scan a QR code that takes them right to your forms where they can complete and submit them quickly and effortlessly.