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InfoStar brings over a decade of SEO experience and expertise to the table with a formula that produces page-1 ranking for our SEO clients and enables them to dominate organic searches. Furthermore, we make it a point to work with each of our clients one-on-one and remain available throughout the life of your SEO services. This unique relationship allows us to better understand what is necessary to get you and your business to the top of Google organic search listings.

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Not all companies that say they provide SEO are the same!
Cheap fly-by-night companies often use outdated plug-ins or outsource work to companies who are out-of-touch with modern SEO techniques. Nonetheless, they prey on the uneducated to sound experienced and charge a minimal fee to look attractive.

InfoStar would love to show you what real SEO performance looks and feels like!

Our SEO Approach

SEO is (and will be) an ever-changing process designed to keep the best content in front of those who are searching. As such, gone are the days where you can “trick” your way to page-1. Today we take a multi-level approach which combines several strategies (not all having to do with the website itself) to achieve dominating SEO results.


At the very foundation, the way your website is built can have an effect on your SEO. Slow-loading pages, clunky widgets, and bad mobile performance will all negatively impact your SEO. When this happens, paying for SEO services usually turns into a big waste of money and makes for an overall bad SEO experience. This is why it’s so important to choose the right company to build you website. Cheap WordPress or Wix sites are DIY but their organic ranking is generally non-existent.


Your website visitors rely on trustworthy and high-quality content to make a decision to use your services or buy your products. Search engines require the same high-quality and relevant content to help rank your site within the results of a specific search. High-quality content is a key factor to great SEO. As such, InfoStar leans on the personal relationships with our clients to develop copy that is useful to convert website visitors and equally useful to establish a competitive rank within search results.


Reviews, backlinks to high-authority sites, and optimized information about you and your business elsewhere online play another key role in dominant SEO performance. As such, new SEO clients automatically receive additional online reputation services to ensure these areas remain productive within the total SEO strategy.

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Due to the way we build our websites, we have the unique ability to make website changes whenever necessary, without delay and without restraints. This means InfoStar is always on top of changes that affect your ranking and it is this powerful edge our clients have over others that allow an InfoStar website to stay competitive month-after-month.

Pair SEO
with PPC

With every organic search there’s relevant ad-spaces served as well. InfoStar pairs organic SEO techniques with Google pay-per-click advertising to increase your chances of being found and strategically preventing competitors from snagging a valuable spot in search results.