Efficient Online Advertising

Promote Your Brand,
Products & Services

Most think online advertising is setting-up a Google PPC campaign or Instagram ad-set, targeting an audience and sitting back to watch new business roll in… Most attempt this and quickly realize “it’s not working.”

Anyone can run online ads but doing-so effectively and efficiently as well as ongoing maintenance through tracking and adjusting ads and landing pages can be downright overwhelming. InfoStar is here to take the load off and become your marketing partner just as if we worked within your business itself.

Ads are half
the formula

After an ad is clicked, the remainder of your visitor’s experience should be geared towards conversion. With this, your landing page, website, and online reputation should also be dialed-in to maximize the likelihood that a visitor converts into new business. InfoStar’s long standing reputation and experience will work to generate a unique, high-performance online advertising campaign from ad-to-conversion.

Advertising Outlets

Selecting the right outlet to promote your business is a key factor in online advertising. Social media ads might not be the best fit for you and oftentimes, InfoStar will suggest an advertising outlet you may not have even thought of.

We learn about your business as well as who your perfect target for new business is and make educated decisions on where to, and not to advertise so we can optimize for the highest-quality traffic to your website and spend budgets as efficiently as possible.

A few of the more common advertising outlets are:

Google Ads - PPC

Google ads deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time and place.

InfoStar brings over a decade of Google ad experience to you and your business and we know what it takes to not just “get the click” but also what it takes to convert the click into new business.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to strategize and execute a stellar Google PPC ad campaign specifically tuned to your brand and target audience.

Social Media Ads

Running ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even other sources such as TikTok, Nextdoor, and Pinterest are perhaps the best way to proactively get your brand in front of targeted new business who may have otherwise never knew about your brand.

Through the close relationship InfoStar establishes with you, we can strategize and create a highly productive social media ad campaign that’s sure to put your brand in front of thousands of new prospects on a regular basis.


Remarketing works to follow those who have shown the most interest in your products and/or services.

These gentle reminder ads can appear anywhere from checking your email, mobile apps, and social media and are a great way to help speed up the time it takes to convert new business.

We love pairing remarketing ads as part of a full campaign but remarketing actually doesn’t require you to run any other ads at all!

Ongoing Ad Optimization

Unfortunately, online advertising is never a “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy. Optimizing ad targeting, A/B testing different images and ads against each-other and making adjustments to the website itself are all part of running a campaign – each and every month. In addition to optimizing everything for an ad at any given time, trends change and technology advance in ways that force an ad campaign to evolve.

Our team of talented online advertising specialists have over a decade of experience running online ad campaigns designed to drive more business to our clients and have made the ongoing ad optimization a part of our daily lives allowing our clients to focus on other important areas in growing their business.

Tracking Online Ad Performance

Tracking is perhaps the most important piece to a successful online advertising campaign because it defines where your successful and what areas may need room for improvement.

InfoStar uses several methods of tracking which include tracking the performance of an ad itself (clickthrough-rate & impressions) as well as what funnel a visitor follows afterwards. We track what pages on your website they visit, how long they stay on those pages, and finally we track the conversion method such as a call or web form. Each step allows us to better-tune our ad funnel and continue to deliver high-quality business to you.

Experience is key for efficient advertising

InfoStar has ran thousands of online ads through various outlets such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more! During this time, we have become familiar with the process, what makes an ad engaging and what it takes to make those who see your ad engage and convert after the fact.