Social Media Marketing for Dentists

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Social Media Marketing Builds Your Brand and Popularity

Even with a great website listed on page 1 of Google, your current marketing strategy is to wait for someone to search for a dentist in your area. With social media marketing, you are actively in front of tens of thousands of people in your community 24/7. You’re reaching out to those with and without a dentist by letting your community know what's happening at your practice, and more importantly, what services you provide.

Social media increases the value of your website by carrying over your website branding to the dental practice’s official Facebook business page, GooglePlus business page, YouTube channel, and any of the other social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing & Your Dental Practice

It requires an experienced professional to implement, monitor, and edit your dental social media marketing program. We brand your social media profiles, but we don’t then bump fists and leave. We become your online marketing partner by working with your office and mentoring your staff on social media best practices both online and offline.

A successful marketing campaign comes from building a network of friends and followers, and to then keep them up to date on what's happening both in your practice and in dentistry. Success comes from sharing fun and interesting things with your community to grab their attention. It's really a matter of marketing to your existing audience and getting them to engage allowing their network to access your information.

Social Media Marketing & SEO

Between the various different social media outlets, such as Facebook and Google+, the increase of traffic to your website from these sources gives a popularity value to your website as well as a potential for increased time on site. These are both key values when it comes to Google's algorithms and getting your site to climb to page one. Did you know that blogging is one of the few things your practice can do to help you move up in the rankings? Our team can assist with that!
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What You Get With InfoStar

We offer full-service Social Media marketing services

Well done Social Media Marketing is a full-time gig but the results (when done correctly) are an increased number of new patients that come to your website and your office who may not have even been looking for a new dentist. InfoStar ensures your Social Media Marketing is done correctly and is kept up to date since we are constantly molding our services around the ever-changing realm of social media. Perhaps the most important social media service that we provide is our personalized and consistent interaction with your office. You're kept in the loop every step of the way!

Below are a few of the dental social media services that we provide.

Social Media Account Set Up

InfoStar will set up necessary social media accounts or help optimize any that you might already have. Social media accounts that InfoStar will set up include Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

Custom Branding of Social Media Accounts

On top of simply setting up the social media accounts, they are custom branded and personalized to fit your practice. From Facebook profiles and headers to the customized blog design, InfoStar will make you look great on social media networks.

Daily Account Policing

InfoStar knows that your online reputation is important to your business. This is why we make it a point to touch every single post on a daily basis to make sure nothing gets posted that might take away from your fun or professional business image.

Marketing Posts to Social Media Accounts

InfoStar's tried-and-true system of posting exciting and interactive content is what gets the attention of new patients and gets existing patients wanting more. This peppered with call-to-action posts which bring new patients directly to your website is the perfect combination to start seeing appointment requests and of course an increase in visitors to your InfoStar dental website.

cda article on social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook advertising has been a huge success in converting new patients. Advertising a compelling special your practice is running has proven to increase views to your website, increase likes on your Facebook page and increase the number of new patients.

Customizable Marketing Blog Entries

Engaging blogs are necessary with any successful Social Media Marketing campaign. InfoStar will schedule regular blog posts each month to help build a reputation and encourage visitors to go to your website. All blog posts are carefully researched and crafted before being introduced to your customization.

Get In Front Of Thousands In Your Community With Social Media
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